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  • Name: Lindsey MacNeil
  • Location: Mesa Arizona
  • Phone: (602) 743-3831
  • Email:

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Profesional Profile

Passionate user experience and human factors designer with over 12 years of experience creating solutions with audience adoption, growing creative teams and advocating the value of design as a foundational business operation, tool set and craft.

I started in Service and Process Design thanks to my initial career as a mimic singer. I ended up mute for a year with ruptured vocal cords. Thankfully with the help of several medical and vocal professionals I regained the ability to speak. Soon after I worked with many of my physicians on their patient and practitioner experiences which and eventually that work grew into my first consulting practice.

With my latest role, heading the UX of Axway, I’ve had the honor of leading and mentoring a wonderful international group of experience and interaction designers. Together we sought to support the product teams in shaping the solutions offered by the company and experiences encountered with the company.


4+ years

UX Strategy and Direction

Overseeing a users (customers, patients, consumers, etc.) experience with a product, solution or service within or in route to a company. Working with internal and external teams to ensure the interactions occurring throughout are as smooth and seamless as possible. Leveraging experience in business strategy, customer insight, market insight, product and/or service design and technology into actionable experience strategy and execution to serve and ideally delight (when appropriate) customers. Providing design leadership through influence, judgment, communication, and collaboration to drive design decisions across stakeholder groups and departments. Balancing user needs, technical constraints, and business objectives to solve problems effectively.

8+ years

Creative Direction

Leading the communication design, interactive design, and overall concept forward in any work assigned or under my purview. Guiding a team of employees with design skills and experience to execute or refine solutions that have been defined.

6+ years

Culture Growth

Coaching teammates on adopting and living the values of a companies culture balanced with their own beliefs and execution therein. Learning, valuing, then growing the design processes that they use in ways that better matches both the company and themselves.


Interaction Design

Seasoned Pro, 7 years
Designing the interactive behaviors of a product or system with a specific focus on their use.

Visual Design

Skilled Advocate, 6 years
Designing the visual qualities of a product or system in an aesthetically pleasing way.

User Research

Seasoned Pro, 9 years
Understanding the people who use a product or system through observations.

Information Architecture

Seasoned Pro, 8 years
Identifying and organizing information in a purposeful and meaningful way.

Content Strategy

Skilled Advocate, 5 years
Planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content.

Usability & Analytics

Skilled Advocate, 7 years
Measuring the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a product or system.

Human Factors & Ergonomics

Skilled Advocate, 6 years
Designing products, systems, or processes to take proper account of the interaction between them and the people who use them.

Motion Design

Eager Learner, 3 years
The art of motion design is taking graphic design and putting it into motion.

  • iAgent - Windows App

    A software application to support call center agents.

  • Group empathy mapping

    An interactive team exercise resulting in a shared deeper understanding of the user(s) reviewed as well as well rounded product persona(s).

  • Salesforce call intergration

    A VOIP service and experience intergration for teams looking to call directly from Salesforce.

  • Learning Management System

    A UI/UX redesign and refactoring of Odysware's LMS for improved usability and system architecture.

  • iAgent - Web-based App

    A web based application for call center agents.

  • CMS supported landing pages

    A portal/landing page design for APS built for their CMS empowering faster generation and modification by all teams within the company.

  • Sketch wireframing

    A drawn wireframe of a SharePoint site used both as a design concept starter and a layout agreement enabling development to start while design was will being completed.

  • Interactive, Lo-Fi Wireframing

    A lo-fi interactive prototype used to solidify requirements, test validity and represent the composition for product development.


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